Liberstad wants to be a private city in Norway. Organizers don´t believe in democracy.

Freedom Reporter presents projects that are trying to find a ways towards a free society, or a slightly more free society than the current one in which people live today, even in so-called democratic societies. This time we present the LIBERSTAD project and the interview with John Liberstad, founder of the project. With the eventual aim of becoming a private city, this remote settlement in Norway is developing innovative infrastructure for its own internal economy.

Liberstad describes itself as a private resort and membership community for voluntaryists, ancaps, libertarians and other freedom-loving people who adhere to the non-aggression principle. The long-term goal is to create an autonomous private city that is owned and operated exclusively by private individuals and organizations.

„The Free City of Liberstad is a self-proclaimed autonomous community and stateless micronation located in Norway. Founded on the principles of libertarianism and anarcho-capitalism, it emphasizes individual freedom, voluntary association, and self-governance. Liberstad aims to operate independently from traditional nation-states, creating a parallel society with its own unique systems and structures,“ declared the organizers of the project.

Liberstad consists of 350 ha of land divided into two several separate parcels. The main area is subdivided into four different districts: the central district (for restaurants, shops, and administration buildings), the tourist district (ie. for festivals, camping, a.o,), the housing district, and the nature and recreational district.

Liberstad aims to host festivals (e.g. Freedom Festival) and other events to become a hub for liberty-loving individuals. In late 2022, a 75-hectare plot of land was obtained through a land swap, which is to be developed into a second residential district.

The project started in 2017 and is financed mostly by its landowners, members and various donations.​

„We firmly reject the notion of ´we are the government´. We have no desire to align ourselves with any organization that is grounded in the use of aggression against our fellow human beings,“ stated the men behind the project.

​“We do not believe in democracy. We do not want any part of a system where our rights don’t matter just because we are outnumbered. Democracy is tyranny by the masses. We do not subscribe to the idea that governments possess authority over individuals who have not consented to be governed,“ added.


INTERVIEW WITH John Liberstad, founder and general manager of Liberstad


FREEDOM REPORTER: What’s new in the LIBERSTAD project?

LIBERSTAD, John Liberstad: Liberstad began with the vision of establishing a private city owned and managed by Liberstad Drift AS, a legal entity under Norwegian jurisdiction. This meant that the territory and operations of Liberstad would still be subject to Norwegian regulations and taxation. This approach aimed to offer more freedom, autonomy, and privacy than traditional towns or cities while still being legal entities and operating under the jurisdiction of Norway.

Since our inception in 2017, we have not only developed the physical infrastructure of Liberstad but have also evolved philosophically. Grounded in the philosophy of voluntaryism, our principles and values have become more refined and pure. As principled voluntaryists, we can no longer operate under the jurisdiction of the state, nor can we associate with state systems, which we consider immoral, unlawful, and destructive.

To remain true to our principles of peace and freedom, we have separated completely from the Norwegian state. We, the voluntaryists of Liberstad, cannot associate with or be part of the immoral and oppressive system created by states. We refuse to be controlled and regulated by what we view as criminal organizations. Complete freedom and autonomy are the only paths forward for Liberstad.

Liberstad stands for peace and freedom, values that are incompatible with state systems that operate through force, coercion, aggression, and violence. We strive to foster peace and fundamental freedoms, which are continually undermined by the state.

From this evolution, The Free City of Liberstad was born. Although still referred to as Liberstad for short, The Free City of Liberstad is a parallel society operating outside of any state’s jurisdiction. It is a free and autonomous city built on the foundation of voluntaryism. Over the past few years, we have worked tirelessly to create independent structures and frameworks in Liberstad to ensure complete autonomy and independence.

We now consider ourselves separatists, committed to building The Free City of Liberstad as a fully autonomous and sovereign city and society. Our dedication to the development of a sovereign city remains unwavering.

Liberstad is no longer operated by the company and legal entity Liberstad Drift AS. Instead, it is now owned, operated, and managed by individuals and a network of internal companies known as CC Companies (City Chain Companies). These companies are registered on the City Chain Business Registry (CCBR), which utilizes Decentralized Identifiers (DID) for company and organization identification.

Companies and organizations registered on the CCBR operate as free and autonomous entities, independent of any state’s jurisdiction. They are not regulated, taxed, or controlled by any state and have the freedom to operate on their own terms. Currently, there are nearly 30 companies and organizations registered on CCBR, contributing to the diverse and self-sustaining ecosystem of Liberstad.

Key Companies Operating in Liberstad:

Liberstad Estates: This is the largest real estate company in Liberstad, managing public areas such as the city center, roads, parks, and forests. It also oversees the Liberstad Cabin District and offers commercial real estate for rent.

Bank of Liberstad: A private bank providing secure storage for precious metals and issuing cryptocurrencies like CityGold (backed by physical gold) and CitySilver (backed by physical silver). The bank also plans to offer loans for land purchases in Liberstad.

Liberstad Accommodations: Offers various accommodations for both visitors and residents, including rental rooms, camping spots, and long-term rental plots.

Liberstad Kiosk: A convenience store providing warm food, groceries, and everyday items.

Granbaren Bar & Stage: A bar and music venue with live music events, currently expanding its kitchen to offer pizza and other food. It can also be rented for private events.

Liberty Ales: A small-scale brewery producing alcoholic beverages, primarily supplying Granbaren Bar & Stage and individual customers.

Liberstad First Aid Clinic: Provides first aid, emergency services, and sells medical supplies and health-related products.

Liberstad Firewood Outlet: Specializes in the production and sale of firewood.

Liberstad Sawmill and Hardware: Offers lumber production and building materials.

Liberstad Fuel & Energy: Sells various fuels including diesel, gasoline, oil, and gas.

Liberstad Mechanic Workshop: Provides repair and maintenance services for construction machinery and personal vehicles, as well as welding and metalwork.

Liberstad Earth Movers: Focuses on excavation, landscaping, and construction projects, including roads and parks.

Greenfield Food Productions: Manages 15,000 sqm of agricultural land and greenhouses for producing and selling fruits, vegetables, and berries, with plans to expand into meat and egg production.

Liberstad Bakery: Produces and sells baked goods like sourdough bread, buns, cakes, and pastries.

Liberstad Taxi Service: Provides convenient taxi services for transportation to and from Liberstad.

Companies in Liberstad are registered with unique DIDs, and ownership is structured and organized through CityChain Shares (CC Shares). Some companies offer shares publicly to investors, with ownership of shares connected to an individual’s DID.

These developments highlight our commitment to creating a self-sustaining, autonomous, and sovereign community. The Free City of Liberstad is dedicated to upholding the principles of voluntaryism, offering a peaceful and free society distinct from the constraints of state control.

What are the current plans and goals of the project?

Our current plans and goals for the Liberstad project are centered around advancing our development as a sovereign and autonomous city and society, grounded in voluntaryist principles.

Expanding the Parallel Ecosystem: Continuously improve FreeID, our decentralized identity system, to ensure seamless integration and security for individuals operating within Liberstad’s financial and legal frameworks.

TerraReg Optimization: Develop and optimize TerraReg, our decentralized and cryptographic land registry system, to securely bind property ownership to individual FreeIDs.

Infrastructure and Service Development: Support the establishment and growth of internal companies and organizations registered on the City Chain Business Registry (CCBR). These entities operate independently of state jurisdiction, providing essential services and contributing to Liberstad’s economy.

Strengthen Non-Profit Organizations: Enhance various non-profit organizations that provide societal and communal structures without centralized governance, including the Council of The Free City of Liberstad, Liberstad Membership Organization (LMO), and Liberstad Dispute Resolution Organization.

Real Estate Development: Continue expanding residential and commercial real estate to accommodate new residents and businesses.

Enhance Amenities and Services: Expand amenities and services offered to residents and visitors, including accommodation, food, entertainment, and essential supplies.

Promote Investment: Encourage investment in CityChain Shares (CC Shares) to support the financial stability and growth of Liberstad’s internal companies.

Land Acquisition: Purchase additional land to expand Liberstad’s territory and accommodate further growth and development.

Maintaining Positive Relations: Maintain a respectful dialogue with Norwegian society and foster peaceful relations with the Norwegian government and its citizens, while steadfastly defending our right to freedom and self-determination.

Our overarching goal is to expand and develop The Free City of Liberstad into a large-scale sovereign, private, and stateless city. Through this endeavor, we aim to establish an independent and autonomous society, liberating ourselves and fellow voluntaryists from the constraints of state governance.

We seek to promote the concept of private cities as a means to advance peace and freedom through voluntaryism. By creating a New Free World that operates in parallel to the current unfree world controlled by states and governments, we aspire to foster a global movement towards individual sovereignty and liberty.

When will the project be finally completed or launched?

The Liberstad project is an ongoing endeavor with the goal of continually evolving and expanding The Free City of Liberstad into a fully sovereign and autonomous society. As such, there is no definitive completion date for the project. Instead, our focus remains on advancing the development of Liberstad in alignment with our principles and values, striving towards the realization of our vision for a stateless and voluntaryist community.

How many settlers have already been obtained for the „free municipality – PRIVATE CITY“ (free society) LIBERSTAD?

The Liberstad Membership Organization currently has around 600 members, all of whom are welcome to visit or reside in Liberstad. Additionally, we have sold cabin plots to 122 individuals from 33 different countries, showcasing the diverse and international interest in our free society.

How many people – new settlers already live in the „free municipality – PRIVATE CITY“ (free society) LIBERSTAD?

Currently, there are 14 people living permanently in Liberstad.

What is the state of relations with local authorities? Are the state (local) authorities making any problems with the project? Are there conflicts with local state authorities?

We do not have any formal relations with the local authorities in the municipality. Since we started in 2017, they have expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of permit applications for the constructions we have undertaken in Liberstad. Despite their complaints and threats of fines for building without permits, their actions have not had any significant impact on our operations. The local authorities have also tried to use the local media to cast us in a negative light. However, these efforts have not affected us, and it seems the bureaucrats at the municipality are uncertain about how to handle our situation, as traditional threats and measures have proven ineffective.

It’s important to note that we do not create any trouble for our surrounding neighbors or the local community. In fact, they have not raised any complaints or issues with us. On the contrary, many are pleased with Liberstad because we contribute positively to the local economy.

As for state authorities, we have never had any interactions or dialogue with them, and they have not caused any problems for us, nor have we caused any problems for them. I would not characterize the lack of permit applications as a conflict. The issue lies in their dissatisfaction with our refusal to comply with their demands.

If there are any conflicts, how do you handle them?

We handle any interactions with local authorities with professionalism and courtesy. When addressing their concerns, we respond in a polite and friendly manner, clearly articulating our opinions and views on the requests made by the authorities. It’s essential for us to maintain open communication channels while also asserting our principles and values.

Is it true that your project did not ask the local authorities for any (BUILDING) permit for the construction of the LIBERSTAD city building?

It is true that we have never sought building permits from local authorities for construction within Liberstad. This decision aligns with our fundamental principles. As we do not operate as a legal entity under the jurisdiction of the Norwegian state and do not recognize their authority, we do not consider it necessary to seek permission for land use and development on our own property.

Our approach reflects a commitment to individual autonomy and voluntary cooperation, rather than dependence on traditional governmental structures. Instead, we prioritize adherence to our internal guidelines and standards to ensure the safety and quality of our constructions.

Aren’t you worried about stopping the project due to the intervention of state authorities?

While we remain vigilant regarding potential interventions from state authorities, we are not at all worried. Our project in Liberstad is founded on principles of self-governance and autonomy, and we are prepared to defend these principles if necessary. However, we believe in peaceful cooperation and dialogue as the primary means of resolving disputes. Our commitment to these principles, coupled with the support of our community, strengthens our resolve to continue our project despite any potential challenges from external authorities.

Special Additional Information from John Liberstad:

We have crafted and ratified The Voluntaryist Covenant, serving as an ethical and social pact among voluntaryists. This document provides a shared and unified foundation for individuals within Liberstad and the broader expanding New Free World. While it is not a legally binding agreement, The Voluntaryist Covenant stands as an ethical commitment to our collective principles and values.

The Voluntaryist Covenant | Liberstad

As the founders and voluntaryists of Liberstad, we are resolute and unwavering in our commitment to advancing the development of The Free City of Liberstad. Our aim is to establish a society founded upon the principles and values outlined in the Voluntaryist Covenant. We categorically reject any affiliation with organizations that we deem immoral, unlawful, and detrimental to individuals and societal well-being.

As we continue to advance the development of Liberstad as a sovereign and independent city, we are proud to announce the creation of the official flag of The Free City of Liberstad. Detailed information about the design and significance of our flag can be found in our blog.

As a final note, it’s important to acknowledge that everything we undertake in Liberstad is still in development, constituting a vast and intricate project that demands considerable time, energy, and resources. Additionally, we are facing significant understaffing challenges. We ask for your patience and understanding as we continue to work tirelessly and with unwavering dedication.

However, we extend a warm invitation to all who are committed to upholding the Voluntaryist Covenant to join us in contributing to the development and expansion of The Free City of Liberstad.

Feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions or require further clarification on any of my responses.

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