FREETH´M project: Freedom seekers find a new way of living in decentralized, sustainable towns.

We present projects that try to move towards a freer society, or a slightly more free society than the current one in which people live today, even in so-called democratic societies. This time we present a project or project plan called FREETH’M. This project aims to build a worldwide network of small, self-sufficient towns for freedom-seekers.

Freeth’m plans to be a global network of purpose-built independent towns with a minarchist ethos promising members “freer life, right here, right now”. The main aim of the project is to create a space for people seeking better governance through contract-based rules for cohabitation.

Freeth’m prioritise rural and semi-rural areas. The first projects are planned for the Azores, an Atlantic archipelago within Portugal, together with other locations in Texas and the Balkans. All communities will be operated under a build-to-rent model, whereby the developer owns all houses and acts as a town manager, enabling security and maintaining communal areas.

Developer also provides educational, medical and cultural amenities, as well as co-working spaces and production facilities such as workshops and hydroponic greenhouses available for rent.

Designed to attract high-skilled remote workers, each community will ultimately support a maximum of 500 members. For the sake of privacy, all houses will be detached, with prices ranging from 250 EUR to 2,500 EUR a month depending on size and typology and design following the principles of biophilic architecture.

„At Freeth’m freedom seekers find a new way of living in decentralized, sustainable towns,“ project promises on its website.

​“Our community values privacy, individual rights, and freedom. Invest in a balanced lifestyle, where work, family, and community thrive. We aim to create 100 sustainable towns by 2030, aligning with EU sustainable goals, stimulating rural development, and boosting local economies,“ states Freeth’m further on its official presentation.

„Our cutting-edge technology sets new sustainability standards, enhancing green living and liberty. Freeth’m’s vibrant towns blend innovation and eco-consciousness,“ emphasizes.



FREEDOM REPORTER: What is the main goal of your project?

FREETH´M PROJECT: Freeth’m is creating decentralized, self-sufficient and sustainable towns / small micro cities for people who value their freedom, privacy and safety. While the world is getting more costly and less free, we are going the opposite direction and want to offer sanctuaries that enable people to truly live their best life.

Who is the project intended for? For which candidates and from where?

Freeth’m is open to everyone who holds similar values as we do. We welcome diverse individuals from all walks of life in our towns, but expect people to uphold principles of individual freedom, privacy and property. We abide by the non-aggression principle and believe that living and letting live produces a rich, vibrant community where people inspire and uplift each other.

How many people is the project intended for?

We strive to build 100 Freeth’m towns by 2034 with each town’s capacity capped at around 500 homes. While there will be security 24/7, smaller towns offer more safety.

Where is the project territorially located or should it be located and why exactly there?

There will be several locations eventually, and we are starting out with Portugal. We work with the local city council that has been very open to Freeth’m, which is very helpful. Portugal is also a great starting point thanks to its multiple rural areas, as well as several projects and businesses that revolve around similar values as us. We are close to purchasing a piece of land that is located fairly centrally in Portugal and is boasting natural water springs and edible trees that will also help with self-sufficiency in our free micro city. We aim to attract not only individuals such as digital nomads or remote workers, but also families of all sizes, and our first location is wonderful because it is especially safe for kids (no cars, beautiful nature to explore). Moreover, Portugal also allows homeschooling, which might be very positive news for those families that will join us from countries that do not allow alternative means of education.

How should freedom for residents be ensured in your project? What new/additional freedoms (compared to life in a normal western democratic state) would the new residents of your project gain in this project? 

We are creating fairly small communities that ensure maximum safety (with security in place at all times) for each resident without infringing on their privacy, thus providing more freedom. Our towns’ architecture is structured so that every house stands on its own, providing physical privacy and the option of not interacting with one’s neighbors. The amenities that will be available for rent enable one to be as self-sufficient as possible (via growing their own food, for instance), ultimately resulting in more independence and freedom.

The values that we expect all Freeth’m residents to have in common also ensure maximum freedom. “Live and let live”, the non-aggression principle all promise a free society/community. Our residence contract, which each resident will be required to sign, will clearly outline the terms and conditions of one’s stay in a Freeth’m town (however short or long). Should the conditions not be met for any reason, the contract will be terminated and the resident will be exited from the town. We also cooperate with a dispute resolution company that will serve residents in case of any “lighter” disagreements.

We also wish to offer an alternative to the state of most major cities, which will ultimately provide more freedom  for one’s mind and body. Cities keep getting more costly and more restrictive, rent costs keep rising and spaces keep getting smaller, traffic keeps getting heavier, parking spots are being reduced, pollution keeps getting worse and greenery keeps vanishing. These stressors do hardly anyone any good. By building our towns in rural places that offer plenty of space to breathe clearly, Freeth’m residents will most likely see an improvement in their overall health and well-being, which might be the ultimate freedom for some.

Would your project result in a perfectly free society or only a partially free society for your citizens?

Freeth’m towns will be built with the aim to maximize freedom for each resident and for the community itself. While we are not seeking any autonomy from our host state(s) and so will not be aiming to change any (restrictive) laws in the given country, we are emphasizing building towns that are as decentralized and self-sufficient as possible. We uphold laissez-faire capitalist ideals and values, which help to build a society as free as possible.

What would be the main features of this new, greater freedom and its main benefits for residents?

Each resident’s perception of benefits will differ. Ultimately, we want to offer sanctuaries where each person can live their most joyful life however they intend (without infringing on others, of course). The biggest benefits we see as providers are the connection with nature (living in polluted cities full of strangers might not be the best for either one’s physical or mental health), surrounding oneself with greenery, fresh and clean air, eating clean, organic, locally-grown food; the opportunity to live a peaceful life surrounded by like-minded individuals who share common values, yet are diverse enough to inspire each other. As soon as there are more Freeth’m towns built in different jurisdictions, residents will have the opportunity to migrate between them, resulting in possible tax benefits. We plan to operate Freeth’m towns on our own blockchain to be able to offer maximum privacy, and will also accept both fiat and crypto (bitcoin) currencies to offer options, which many residents will enjoy.

How is it or should it be guaranteed that these new/extraordinary freedoms (or elements of a free society) obtained in your project cannot be eliminated/taken away by the state on whose territory is the project located?

We aim to build friendly and strong relationships with local municipalities, backed by proper contracts. This danger can never be fully eliminated, however, we are looking at locations that have stable governments that are highly unlikely to violently take our land away from us.

What stage is your project at now?

We are very close to purchasing the first piece of land. Once the deal is sealed, we will be able to start building. Among other things, we are currently focused on building an online community of future residents and, as of right now, anyone is welcome to join our resident waitlist (no strings attached). We regularly hold livestreams anyone can join to learn more about Freeth’m and the ideas behind it. We have a strong team of architects, engineers and other experts that are working on the land analysis and planning the houses and facilities. Once the land is ours, we are good to go.

When could the project reach the stage when at least the first above-standard – compared to a normal western democratic state – freedom for the residents will start to be tangible or evident?

The ideals of the free society we are creating are already there – our website and social media profiles are live, and anyone can read about our ideas and will (hopefully) get a clear message of what we are all about. Physically, looking at the land we are about to purchase, the sense of freedom is already there too: pure nature, the ability to breathe expansively, not being oppressed by city noise, pollution, unnecessary restrictions of any kind. All in all, while there will always be some bumps along the way, because we will be building with prefab and locally-grown materials, the first town should be coming to life towards Q3/4 2025.

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